General Warranty Conditions GymnaUniphy 2017
version V01, 2017-04-19

author: Micha Bouts

1. General warranty conditions

The warranty coverage begins on the day of shipment of the goods from our warehouse to the distributor. On top of the warranty period, we offer 3 months extra warranty to compensate delays in transport. All warranty claims have to be reported and returned by means of the RAN procedure. The date of the RAN demand will be the reference date to determine whether the product is in or out of warranty. Accessories are defined in the User Manual and the Product Data Sheet.

2. What is covered?

In case of an authorized warranty claim (parts and units), GymnaUniphy covers the parts and the transport cost from GymnaUniphy to the distributor. All other expenses including shipping costs and import/export duties are covered by the distributor. Warranty never applies to consumables, accessories and battery packs. GymnaUniphy will choose the carrier for shipment of the warranty packs. Warranty parts will be either replaced or repaired. The decision is made by GymnaUniphy.
Upon receipt by GymnaUniphy, the part will be checked. If the warranty is justified, a credit note will be made. The detailed warranty conditions are listed per product category further down this document.

3. What is excluded

The GymnaUniphy warranty does not apply to defects that are caused by:

– Consumables, accessories and battery packs;
– Incorrect interpretation or not accurately following the User Manual;
– Misuse, accidental or unauthorized repair and/or part replacement or other cause beyond control of GymnaUniphy;
– Not following the maintenance instructions or the maintenance interval period;
– Units or parts where the serial- or batchnumber has been altered, removed or made illegible;
– Defects caused by damage during transportation.

4. Warranty on spare parts & repairs

GymnaUniphy offers a warranty period of 6 months on spare parts (including revised assembled printed circuit boards) under the following conditions:

– Parts have been installed by a GymnaUniphy authorized engineer;
– The reason for repetitive breakdown is related to the poor quality of the part in question and not to another problem within the unit;
– The terms and conditions pointed out in paragraph 3 are respected;

5. Specific warranties per product categorie

1. NIUU Treatment Tables: 3 years warranty
o Upholstery: 1 year warranty

2. NIUU Acoustic Wave Therapy: 2 years warranty
o Handpiece & V-actor: maximum 1 million pulses
o Accessories are not covered

3. NIUU Cryotherapy: 2 years warranty
o Treatment hose is not covered

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