Cold has been used in the world of medicine for centuries. These effects have also been scientifically demonstrated. The following results can be achieved with Cryotherapy:

  • Pain reduction
  • Anti-inflammatory and reduces swelling
  • Muscle relaxation

The most important conditions for maximising these results are:

  • Reduction of the skin temperature to 12°C
  • Reduction of the skin temperature within 1 minute

At a higher skin temperature, there is no result or a lesser result. Then again, a lower temperature increases the risk of burns and nerve damage. Some aesthetic doctors still use an ice cube or an ice pack but there is still doubt as to whether this achieves the desired result. We have tested it for you. Which application achieves the desired skin temperature of 12℃ the fastest: an ice cube or a stream of cold air from the NIUU CT-1000-IR? We also looked at how the skin temperature continues to change during a 10-minute treatment session, in order to detail the potential risks or any reduction in the result.



We selected 11 subjects (6 women, 5 men) for the test. In order to cool down the temperature of their skin, we apply friction with ice cubes to the left arm. Every 30 seconds, for a total of 10 minutes, we measure the skin temperature. We then cool down the right arm for 10 minutes using the cold air from the NIUU CT-1000-IR. The M. Extensor Carpi Radialis Brevis tendon insertion serves as a reference point on both the left and right sides.


Using the NIUU CT-1000-IR, a skin temperature of 12℃ was already achieved after 48 seconds on average. This took an average of 6 minutes using an ice cube (see Figure 1). We also note that the temperature of the skin can be kept at a constant 12℃ using the NIUU CT-1000-IR. The IR feedback system automatically adjusts the flow of air.

Figure 1

What happens to the skin temperature during a 10-minute treatment session?

Figure 1 shows that the ice cube therapy results in a continually dropping skin temperature. The skin temperature in 54% of the test subjects dropped to 10 ℃ or lower in 10 minutes. The NIUU CT-1000-IR can keep the skin temperature (12℃) steady for 10 minutes.


Using the NIUU CT-1000-IR, we reach the desired skin temperature more quickly than with an ice cube. The temperature was kept at the optimum level during treatment using the unique IR feedback system. The skin temperature drops further when using ice cubes, with risks of burns and nerve damage.

Advantages of the NIUU CT-1000-IR

Unique IR feedback system:

  • Constant measurement of the skin temperature by the infrared sensor
  • The air flow is automatically adjusted to reach and maintain the desired temperature

Powerful air flow:

  • The skin temperature drops to 12℃ within 1 minute so the metabolic reactions required are initiated immediately
  • The compression effect provides additional applications, such as lymphatic drainage by a combination of MLD (manual lymphatic drainage) and compression

Short treatment duration because the desired temperature is reached very rapidly

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